Chewin' It with Kevin and Steve

Tom McArdle (Spotlight, Win Win, The Visitor, The Station Agent) is up for an Academy Award for Best Editing of the film Spotlight. Tom joins Kevin & Steve as they talk Spotlight, how someone becomes an editor, what goes into the editing of a feature film, McArdle's shout out in Super Troopers, where an editor gets his award show tux, working w/ writer-director Tom McCarthy, farting policy in the edit room, giving Heff/Lemme a shout out at the Oscars and more! ENJOY THE CHEW!

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The lovely & talented Brit Daniel (Club Dread, The Game, Joe Dirt) visits Kevin & Steve again.  They talk smilin' eyes, Del Taco, The End of The Game, Joe Dirt 2, auditioning, Twin movie pitches and most importantly how Brit kicked Cancer's ASS!  Enjoy the Chew!

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The blizzards are coming. Things are getting cold and snowy. So Kevin & Steve share Winter Stories including such gems as stew!, snow days, 86th Street snowball fights, Grizzly Adams, purple ear muffs, Kid Freeze, bread bags over your socks, passing out in snow banks, white parkas, The Snickers Kid, bruised coccyx bones and MORE. Enjoy the Chew!!!

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Jimmy Tatro, actor, writer, comic, YouTube star joins Kevin & Steve. They talk rain-driving in LA, Life According to Jimmy producing internet vids, amassing 2.5 million subscribers, Thomas Hayden Church, Tatro's REAL name, Super Troopers 2 Cameos, How to make a viral video, 22 Jump Street, Blue Mountain State and MUCH MORE.  ENJOY THE CHEW!


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Happy 2016 Chew Crew!  Kevin & Steve share some New Year Resolutions as they cover Losing Weight, Wooden Headphones, Tom Cruise's Torso, Fat Clothes, Pitbull vs. Seacrest, Super Troopers 2, Sexceptions, Human Cummerbunds, Jiggling Tits, Safe Words, Steve Lemme Guitar Hero AND MORE.  Enjoy the Chew!

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The Holidays are coming to an end.  So Kevin & Steve recap the season with talk of "Happy Holidays," getting angry in Frontierland, Bed & Breakfasts, God's punishment, DeNiro, Clarence Clemons, an Irish Christmas, Potatoes!, Tree Haggling, Candy Cane Lane, Favorite Christmas Movies, Best Christmas Presents AND, on top of all that, Kevin & Steve SING their favorite CHRISTMAS SONGS!    Enjoy the Chew...

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Ready for some braggadocio? In response to last week's episode, Kevin & Steve run down the Things They are Great At!  They cover harmonizing Christmas tunes, Robotron, beating kids in board games, anal punctuation, Lemme as Robin Hood, sleeping standing up, cockroach hunters, clammy hands & stinky breath, making love and MORE.  Enjoy the Chew!

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Kevin & Steve dig deep into their psyches to discuss Things They Suck At. Along the way they hit topics like Being a Fancy Boy, Speaking Latin, Fixing Shit, Proper Airband Technique, The Eiger Sanction, Thick Fingers, Ugly Shoes, Lawn-dree and MUCH MORE.  ENJOY THE CHEW!


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Ever wonder what it takes to get a good song in your film?  Kevin & Steve explain the process of music licensing, music rights, music budgeting and in the process share plenty of stories re: writing for Coconut Pete, hanging with 38 Special, trying to get into the ST Sundance party, The Cry of the Cougar, AC/DC, why Poison was perfect for Landfill's eulogy... and MUCH MORE. ENJOY THE CHEW!

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After last week, they gotta follow up with things we LOVE.  Kevin and Steve talk Thanksgiving, cat noses, the Tuna, salty butter, low tar cigarettes, hot water and gettin' breezey. Hope you all do a lot of Thanksgiving CHEWIN'!

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