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July 2014
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Jamie Kaler (My Boys, Robot Chicken,The Kaler Show Sirius/XM 97) Standup, actor, radio host joins Kevin & Steve. They talk red heads, Boston, Kaler's time in the Navy, My Boys, Yankees/Sox, 80's icons and aging movie stars.  Enjoy the Chew!

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Bert Kreischer is a hilarious stand up comedian, host of Trip Flip on Travel Channel and author of Life of the Party: Stories of a Perpetual Man-Child. They talk about Bert getting stomped by a bull, going to a dominatrix, being a human sling shot and the secrets their Fit Bits contain! Enjoy the chew!

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As soccer passion consumes the world, Steve (a soccer aficionado) and Kevin (a soccer ignoramus) weigh in. The guys discuss Lemme's beloved Team Argentina, growing up in a soccer household, soccer vs. other U.S. sports & the infamous Dulce du Leche story.  Enjoy the CHEW!  (Can you find Lemme in the picture?!)

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Kevin & Steve have been on a lot of auditions, good & bad, successful & not so.  In this week's episode they run down the funny times they've had auditioning for everyone from big time directors to commercials to student films, doing accents, singing for parts and even times when they've had to audition for each other.  Enjoy the Chew!

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Academy Award Winner Nat Faxon joins for a second visit! We chat about Faxon's new TV Show "Marrried" on FX, his sex scenes, his TV wife, where he keeps his Oscar, directing TV, The Groundlings & more!  Enjoy the chew!!!

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Garguilo & Park are the creators of the very funny new show "MOCKpocalypse" on AXS TV. The show currently airs Thurs nights and Kevin & Steve were lucky enough to appear in a few episodes. They talk about the show, their new feature film "Bloodsucking Bastards," their comedy group Dr. God, Park's appearance in "Club Dread," Garguilo's role on MTV's "Awkward" and they all chew on the hot new "Garguilo Sandwich."  Enjoy!

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Kevin & Steve shoot their new Stand Up Special this month in Denver, so they share a few Colorado stories in preparation. Also having just returned from Canada, they share stories re: Canadian fans, hockey, DVR vs. PVR, poutine & why Canada ties into the opening scene of Super Troopers. Enjoy the chew!!!

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There is an art to pitching Movie & TV ideas in Hollywood. While Kevin & Steve never claim to be artists, they do have a lot of funny pitch stories in their past: from pitching Super Troopers to things they've been totally unqualified for.  Hear about the pitch process, how it works and its successes & failures. Enjoy the Chew!

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Kevin Pereira (G4 Attack of the Show, Pointless Podcast)  joins Kevin & Steve!  They chew it about Hosting Attack of The Show, Making James Cameron bleed, Podcasting, Gaming, Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band, The latest in virtual reality tech & Replacing Kevin with Kevin. Enjoy the chew!

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Mike Mitchell, Director of Shrek 4, Sponge Bob 2, Sky High, Deuce Bigalow.  Great convo about Animation (What does an Animation Director do?), the Cal Arts all star roster, Sandler's input on Deuce Bigalow, the Shrek franchise, petting llamas, the awesomeness of Sky High and Kurt Russell & MORE!    Enjoy the chew....

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