Chewin' It with Kevin and Steve

Comic duo Dana Goodman & Julia Wolov join Kevin & Steve to chat about Axe Body spray, Vagina Mesh, Chicago, Adam Sandler, Punk'd, FUPAs, their new TVLand show Helen & Ellen, and to read just some of the countless gems from the Dana & Julia Twitter feed. Enjoy the Chew!

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Sam Trammell (True Blood, Fault in Our Stars)  joins Kevin & Steve! They talk A LOT of True Blood, Fault in Our Stars, Sam's new Amazon show "Cocked, playing a Movie Dad, New York City and Sam's college days at ...  What's the Color of Shit.... Brown!"  Enjoy the Chew!!!

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Andy Dylan (Stuntman, Stunt Coordinator, Actor & old friend) joins Kevin & Steve and shares some AMAZING stories about the films he's been in (Avengers, Spiderman 2, Pirates of the Caribbean, X Men, Twelve Years a Slave, This is The End, Indiana Jones), the actors he's doubled (James Franco, Johnny Depp, Michael Fassbender, Walton Goggins, STEVE LEMME)  and of course they reminisce about Club Dread, Beerfest & Dukes!  Stuntman stories are always great and these are as good as it gets!  Enjoy the Chew....

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Martin Starr (Silicon Valley, Freaks & Geeks, Party Down, Knocked Up) joins Kevin & Steve. The fellas share heartwarming tales about Thanksgiving, Mustaches, the end of Freaks & Geeks, Party Down improv, Mike Judge & mass audience jerk off equations, Punching Chris Brown, The Beastie Boys and... "Apple Pussy." Enjoy the Cheeeewwwwww!

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Gillian Vigman (The Hangover, MadTV, Chopped, The Slammin' Salmon!)  Kevin & Steve share stories with their old friend, Gillian re: starting out at Colgate, being the screen wife of two huge stars: Bradley Cooper & Jack in the Box,  MadTV, behind the scenes of Celebrity Chopped and teaming with Lemme to do the most offensive sketch EVER.  Enjoy the Chew!!

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Michael Yurchak, actor, writer, voice artist  (Beerfest, Club Dread, Slammin' Salmon). Kevin & Steve are joined by their old friend Mike as they share stories about Mike's past auditions, his strange journey to getting a part in Beerfest, Mike's career as a voiceover artist and why he loves black pants.  Enjoy the Chew!

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That's the old adage when making movies, but is it true?  Kevin & Steve share stories about working with Kids & Animals. Making a pig jump in Super Troopers, jerking off frogs in Beerfest, swearing at babies in Slammin' Salmon, kids who are taller than Lemme, herding cats, firing dogs & MORE.  Enjoy the Chew!

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Marc Evan Jackson (22 Jump Street, Thrilling Adventure Hour, Slammin' Salmon!) Kevin & Steve are joined by old friend Marc Evan Jackson. They talk 22 Jump Street, behind the scenes of Thrilling Adventure Hour, Last Comic Standing, auditions, Lizard Movies, softball uniforms, improv, Batman's dick & MORE!  Enjoy the chew!

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Michael Weaver (Super Troopers, Club Dread, The Joe Schmo Show, Greatest Game Ever Played) joins Kevin & Steve. They talk about Weaver's Super Troopers audition, partying with the local cops, collapsed lungs, red heads, Joe Schmo, FIST PUMPS & MORE!  Enjoy the Chew!

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Kevin, Steve & the other Lizard fellas have shared many communal living places. Locations that have inspired a lot of the laughs in their movies. Hear stories about the times they've lived under one roof that have inspired things like the Meow Game, Freaky Reaky, Lemme the stalker, Kevin farting in his sleep, Lemme's bird fetish AND MORE! Enjoy the Chew!

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