Chewin' It with Kevin and Steve
The Love is back! Kevin & Steve run through some of their recently appreciated loves. They cover shitty mustaches in the "scumbag stage," wedge lettuce, Blue Doritos, Elderly Tom Cruise, British Superman, the Floss Dance, microwave popcorn buttons, the ST Chicken Fucker van, the liquid belly slosh, weekly poll music, Poll Results!, male capri pants AND MORE! ENJOY THE CHEW!
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Kevin & Steve are back from vacation and share some travel stories. They cover mint ice cream, trout, the Emo Estevez flyby, cabin shits & baby farts, Fenway Park, prime time Hooters, dancing in Miami, getting out of speeding tix, poll results AND MORE! ENJOY THE CHEW!
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Kevin & Steve return from Comic Con to share some stories. Seeing Neil Degrasse Tyson, Kevin Smith, The Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, beer stains, NOT getting recognized, wrapping up ST2, Tacoma FD and MORE POLLS! ENJOY THE CHEW!

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Still in the Tacoma FD Writers' Room, Kevin & Steve run down the week's events.  They cover gaining weight, Double Bros, Comic Con Man Crushes, ST2 DVD, Lemme gets attacked by an ant, hugging to "Faithfully," putting the kids on a plane, POLL RESULTS -- Best Guitar Player, Best Mustache, Bon Scott vs. Brian Johnson AND MORE! ENJOY THE CHEW!

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Hope everyone had a great 4th of July! Kevin & Steve are BACK. They cover their 4th of July celebrations, fireworks humbug, heatwave creatures, Chakka Kahn at Comicon, Tacoma FD, the ST2 DVD release, the World Cup, Summer Movies, the POLL RESULTS, eating a bag of assholes and MORE REVIEWS. ENJOY THE CHEW! 

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Kevin & Steve are in the Writers' Room on their new show, Tacoma FD. They take a break to chat about the "2 Meat Plate," ComiCon, the Release Date on their New Stand Up Special, the Super Troopers 2 Home Video drop, the Irish, photo shopping Heffernan, when can you fart in front of new work mates?, Podcast reviews, "Stub My Toe Gandhi" returns, the movie "Fugly," Seattle Steakhouses and the Poll Results of Rob Lowe vs. Mario Lopez. ENJOY THE CHEW!! 
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Greetings from Seattle! Kevin & Steve are on the road! They cover their Seattle visit and oysters, the ST2 DVD release, a Funko doll update, Kevin goes to the DMV, saying hi to Mick Fleetwood, Extra! w/ Mario Lopez, Saved by the Bell!, Tacoma FD, iTunes ratings, Who's hotter?: Mario Lopez or Rob Lowe? and servicing the laugh hole! ENJOY THE CHEW!

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Kevin & Steve are still in Denver!  They didn't get to enough of your questions last week so they roll through some more. They cover the Denver Shows, bacteria, flashers, altitude sickness, a lost driver's license, Jay as Lando, Clown Car Porn, Coconut Pete, Johnny Milkbags, non blinking actors, ST3 vs. Potfest, playing Fink, when Heffernan respected Lemme, denim on denim AND MORE!  ENJOY THE CHEW! 

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Kevin & Steve are on the road in Denver. They talk about their return to the Mile High City, Super Troopers 2 Home Video, Funko dolls, Leaker Jay, dabbing, gingko biloba, the Beerfest eulogy, airport underwear, pizza, PSwayze & MORE.  ENJOY THE CHEW!

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Kevin & Steve run down their live show schedule, ST2 updates and some things THEY HATE. They cover how to pack a cold cooler, "this A.I. is a Dick," Viking fork holders, how Lemme would ruin Fight Club, their Storage Unit horror movie, "I can't," clingy T-shirts, lemon seed attacks & MORE. ENJOY THE CHEW!

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