Chewin' It with Kevin and Steve (general)

August is here! Time for some back to school stories. Kevin & Steve share stories about school days, Kevin talks about the misadventures of celebrity kid birthday parties while Steve details how he got into trouble every year of his schooling, culminating in him leaving high school under the taint of SCANDAL! Chew it!

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Last year Jim Rash had the greatest year in showbiz. He won an Oscar for writing the Descendants, starred in the beloved show Community as Dean Pelton, AND he wrote and directed his own film, The Way Way Back, which sold big at Sundance and opens wide this wknd! Kevin & Steve chat w/ their old pal Jim on all these things and more (including coming up with a charming title for a new TV show they want to put together!) Give it your best CHEW!

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You know him from Beerfest as the evil German Brother, Gunter Von Wolfhausen ("und BECKS!!!") and from the many other films and TV shows he's starred in. Eric Christian Olsen chews it with Kevin & Steve about acting in Beerfest, NCIS LA, Dumb & Dumberer, The Thing, Fired Up & much more. And of course what episode would be complete w/o Lemme talking about his nether regions. Enjoy the chew!

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Sure he has the same last name as Kevin, but Patrick Heffernan is also one of the top Key Grips in the biz. Pat joins Kevin & Steve to talk about working in film & TV: what a Grip does, getting his start on Broken Lizard films, key gripping Into the Wild for Sean Penn and Workaholics... and generally about being Kevin's younger brother.  Chew it!

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Happy 4th of July!  In honor of the holiday, Kevin & Steve share summertime stories about cold cans of beer & chicken on the grill, going to summer camp, summer jobs and Lemme's summertime brawls with the notorious 84th Street Gang.  Enjoy the chew!

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Kevin & Steve just toured the Midwest and wanted to bring you on the road with them. So they recorded as they drove from town to town and talked about road trips, road food, the TSA, stories about the cities they visit AND they cap it off with a very special guest in Minnesota:  Fellow Broken Lizard compadre... ERIK STOLHANSKE!  Chew it hard!

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Kevin and Steve chew it on the road from their hotel in KC! People always ask if cops have seen Super Troopers and if so, what is their reaction. This week Kevin & Steve share stories of their run ins with the law and whether Super Troopers gives them a "get out of jail free" card or a baton to the back of the knees.

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This week Kevin & Steve chat w/ Andy Bellin, screenwriter of the upcoming film "Lovelace" (Amanda Seyfried, Peter Sarsgaard), author of the best selling book "Poker Nation" and best childhood friend of Steve Lemme!  They share great stories re: writing a film about "Deepthroat" and selling it at Sundance, pimping out Anderson Cooper for a Broken Lizard film and what Lemme used to do in the mirror when he was in high school.  Chew it!

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Part 2 of Kevin and Steve's chat with the great Bill Paxton. This week, the guys go back to the beginning and talk about Bill's film resume... awesome stories about Paxton's start in film, Aliens, Titanic, Tombstone, Big Love, and much more!  Chew it hard.

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This week Kevin & Steve chew it over some beers with the one and only Bill Paxton!  Weird Science, Aliens, Apollo13, Titanic, Tombstone, Big Love, CLUB DREAD!  He's done it all and we talk about it all. In fact we talk about so much we had to split our visit into 2 episodes. Enjoy!

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