Chewin' It with Kevin and Steve

Kevin and Steve chew it on the road from their hotel in KC! People always ask if cops have seen Super Troopers and if so, what is their reaction. This week Kevin & Steve share stories of their run ins with the law and whether Super Troopers gives them a "get out of jail free" card or a baton to the back of the knees.

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This week Kevin & Steve chat w/ Andy Bellin, screenwriter of the upcoming film "Lovelace" (Amanda Seyfried, Peter Sarsgaard), author of the best selling book "Poker Nation" and best childhood friend of Steve Lemme!  They share great stories re: writing a film about "Deepthroat" and selling it at Sundance, pimping out Anderson Cooper for a Broken Lizard film and what Lemme used to do in the mirror when he was in high school.  Chew it!

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Part 2 of Kevin and Steve's chat with the great Bill Paxton. This week, the guys go back to the beginning and talk about Bill's film resume... awesome stories about Paxton's start in film, Aliens, Titanic, Tombstone, Big Love, and much more!  Chew it hard.

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This week Kevin & Steve chew it over some beers with the one and only Bill Paxton!  Weird Science, Aliens, Apollo13, Titanic, Tombstone, Big Love, CLUB DREAD!  He's done it all and we talk about it all. In fact we talk about so much we had to split our visit into 2 episodes. Enjoy!

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Kevin and Steve have not exclusively been comics over the years. They've occasionally dipped their toes in the Drama pool. This week they chat about plays they've done, their musical theater skills, drama auditions, and Lemme's stint as a professional break dancer!  Chew it!

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Kevin & Steve chew it w/ "A" List Cinematographer Larry Sher. The DP of such huge comedy films as The Hangover 1, 2, & 3, The Dictator, I Love You Man, Paul, Garden State and Club Dread shares some great stories about working with amazing actors and directors... and how a kid from Jersey becomes the top comedy DP in Hollywood.

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This week Kevin & Steve are joined by comedy auteur Will Forte! They talk SNL, Beerfest, why Will is the nicest fella in show biz and MacGruber 2?!

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It's Broken Lizard meets the UCB as Kevin & Steve chew it with the great Matt Walsh. The guys talk VEEP, the origins of the UCB, making movies and share stories about where their careers have intersected over the years! Enjoy!

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This week Kevin and Steve discuss anniversaries, wives and most importantly, Steve's former green card marriage. It was a very funny chapter in Steve's life and he shares all the ups and downs of that saga with YOU.

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Over the years Kevin, Steve & the Broken Lizard boys have been accused of being purveyors of dick jokes, booze & drug humor and other assorted rated R material. This week Kevin & Steve tell funny stories about how some of their more racy material has been received by parents, in laws, kids & other loved ones and how the fellas have attempted to bring those family members over to the dark side.

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