Chewin' It with Kevin and Steve

This week Kevin and Steve discuss anniversaries, wives and most importantly, Steve's former green card marriage. It was a very funny chapter in Steve's life and he shares all the ups and downs of that saga with YOU.

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Over the years Kevin, Steve & the Broken Lizard boys have been accused of being purveyors of dick jokes, booze & drug humor and other assorted rated R material. This week Kevin & Steve tell funny stories about how some of their more racy material has been received by parents, in laws, kids & other loved ones and how the fellas have attempted to bring those family members over to the dark side.

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This week Kevin & Steve chew it with their fellow Broken Lizard compadre Jay Chandrasekhar, Director of such films as Super Troopers and Beerfest. The guys talk about stand up, directing "Community," the origin of the name Broken Lizard and memorable intra-Lizard fist fights.

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Kevin & Steve discuss the sometimes sordid, sometimes uncomfortable sex scenes they've done in their films.

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