Chewin' It with Kevin and Steve

Mark "Swany" Swanhart is one of the top choreographers in the business... and he has an awesome story. Son of a coal miner from Pittsburgh, he took up dance as a kid to improve his football & basketball skills and never looked back. He became the real life Billy Elliott and went on to choreograph Film, TV & Stage... including working with Cirque Du Soleil, the Rolling Stones AND Broken Lizard (Can't get better than that!).  Chew it!!

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Bill Gerber is a former President of Warner Brothers and long time Warners Exec. Under his watch, he is responsible for such films as Unforgiven, LA Confidential, Goodfellas & more. As a Producer he's made Gran Torino w/ the legendary Clint Eastwood and Beerfest & Dukes of Hazzard w/ the legendary Heffernan & Lemme. His new film Grudge Match stars a couple o' guys named De Niro & Stallone.  Join us as Bill chews it w/ Kevin & Steve!

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As they drive around LA, Kevin & Steve share stories about pets: The pets they had in their childhood, the pets they had as adults and their general take on pets. Bonus: Learn all you ever wanted to know about cats i.e.  Why you never feed a cat tinsel, why cats don't wear watches and what happens when a drunk human pisses in a litter box. Chew it!

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A late night hotel recording in British Columbia. Over some beers Kevin & Steve share stories about fans. When they've been fans of others and when they've had funny run ins with fans of their own.  Hear about Steve drinking from the Stanley Cup! Kevin meets Michael Strahan, the fan who spilled a bong on Steve, the fan who cornered Kevin in the bathroom stall, and the morning 5 NFL linemen woke up in Lemme's living room. Chew it!

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