Chewin' It with Kevin and Steve

Jonah Ray (The Meltdown, Nerdist podcast, Jonah Raydio) joins Kevin & Steve to chat about Indian comedy partners vs. Pakistani comedy partners, the origins of the Meltdown, the new Comedy Central Show, Archie, working in a record store and as a bonus... Lemme & Jonah go head to head over the movie "North Shore!"  Enjoy the chew!

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Adam Duritz: singer, songwriter, frontman for Counting Crows.  Kevin & Steve welcome Adam to chat about his new album Somewhere Under Wonderland, partying at Adam's house, weightlifting tunes, how Crows got their start, touring, producing movies together, Freeloaders and MUCH MORE! Get the new album Sept 2 and enjoy the chew!

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Pete Holmes, comic, actor, You Made it Weird podcast, The Pete Holmes Show! Kevin & Steve chat with Pete about taboo words, Batman, "Her", Auditions, Pun Dumpsters, Robin Williams, Stand Up, Matt Damon, Patrick Swayze, impressions, podcasting and a lot of Leprechaun Talk...  a... lot... of... Leprechaun Talk.  Enjoy the Chew!

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It's summer vacation time! As Kevin & Steve head off for vacations w/ kids, they re-live some of their favorite vacation memories. As troublemaking kids, as debaucherous teens, as drunk college kids and as adults with their lady friends. Plenty of fun stories. Enjoy the summer chew!

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