Chewin' It with Kevin and Steve

Neil Garguilo & Dave Park Return!!  Actors, Writers, Producers Neil & Dave join Kevin & Steve to talk pit stains, their show Mockpocalypse on AXS TV, the sale of their new film Bloodsucking Bastards, their comedy group Dr. God, pit stains.... and MORE. Enjoy the Chew.

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Kevin & Steve make their Oscar picks. Spoiler Alerts everywhere! Going deep into their 2014 movie musings peppered with stories of Lemme's special encounters with his elementary teacher, drum teacher and acting teacher... and what they REALLY think is the best movie of 2014.  Enjoy the Chew!

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In honor of Valentine's Day, Kevin & Steve answer the questions of the Lady Chew Crew!  They cover meeting and proposing to their wives, Gentleman Jack Daniels, Going Below Sea Level, Yellow Roses, The Arrow, RomComs, Nun Jokes and of course The Super Bowl!  Enjoy the Chew!!

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