Chewin' It with Kevin and Steve

The Crowdfunding Campaign is done!  Kevin & Steve talk about the next steps for getting the movie made & how you can still get cool shit thru the ST2 Campaign store. They also recount their trips to Cannabis Cup and the ensuing haze of confusion, Dodger Stadium and their thoughts on Orel Hershiser, the ST2 Telethon and their line up of guests and of course... there's the Squirrel. Enjoy the Chew!!!!

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Kevin & Steve share their favorite social media gaffes and shortcomings while also covering the Super Troopers 2 campaign, MySpace, J-Date, One Direction, Snoop, ARod, Lemme's "Burner" and much more. Enjoy the Chew!

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Brian Lynch is a Screenwriter (Minions, Hop, Puss n' Boots), Director (Big Helium Dog) and Comic Book Writer (Bill & Ted's, Monster Motors). Kevin & Steve first met Brian back in 1997 when they acted in a film he wrote and directed called Big Helium Dog. Now Brian is an A list screenwriter and the guys chat with him about the Big Helium Dog days, Minions, pitching, test screening, the Fast & The Furious, Puddle Cruiser, his new comics: Bill & Ted's and Monster Motors, Lemme being a difficult actor and MUCH MORE.  Enjoy the Chew!

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Michelle Beadle (ESPN SportsNation), host, commentator, reporter joins Kevin & Steve. They talk about her show, ESPN, the Spurs, female sports reporters, Living in CT, Sharknado 3, Wrestling, covering the Olympics and of course... poop jokes.  Enjoy the Chew!!!

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