Chewin' It with Kevin and Steve

They did the villians, now they do the muscle. Kevin & Steve rundown their top ten, all time, favorite movie henchmen. Along the way they cover the definition of a "henchperson," Cinco de High-o, "We are not thirsty, Fraulein," Which came first Jaws or Jaws, Ballerhinos, Is Darth Vader a henchman?, how Star Wars influenced Get Shorty, do muppets count? and MUCH MORE. ENJOY THE CHEW!


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Lady Chew Crew, you wanted to know how men think? Kevin & Steve answer all your questions and then some. Find out about sexy hairdos and don'ts, who is the "Anal Kid," can a man fake an orgasm, date movie compromises, how many parts to a guy's junk, should Heffernan get fake boobs, the best anniversary gift, cologne or no cologne, fantasy football drafts in bed, safest time to fart in front of a man, and of course... what does it feel like to fall in love.  ENJOY THE CHEW!

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They did an episode about the ladies. This is one for the ladies. Kevin & Steve run down their Top 10 Movie Star Man-Crushes and in the process chat about St. Paddy's Day, Travolta's long legs, the fact that they can smell what The Rock is cooking, Redford vs. Newman: Who would you rather fuck?, Hugging Sam Elliott, Where's Arnold's shirt?, of course P-Swayze and MUCH MORE. ENJOY THE CHEW!!

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Time to pay up!  Lemme lost the Oscar bet, so Kevin pisses on his foot. Hear Steve's agony and other related stories about Buffalo, the Beerfest Vat, the last time we wet our pants, "piss" or "pee" or "tee tee," poison ivy, the limits of kitty litter, pissing next to Jack Nicholson, bacon & egg pizza AND MORE! ENJOY THE CHEW!

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Actor and Wrestler Alex Shaffer (Win Win, We Are Your Friends) joins Kevin & Steve. They talk pizza, his Win Win audition, Paul Giamatti who?, Lemme's stand up bomb, auditioning, improv skills, taking down Billy Crudup, Judo with Rhonda Rousey and LOTS of wrestling talk: making weight, fireman carries, petersons, Vision Quest, singlets and MORE.  ENJOY THE CHEW!

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