Chewin' It with Kevin and Steve

The lovely & talented Emmanuelle Chriqui (Entourage) joins Kevin & Steve from the shoot of ST2 (with additional guest Jay Chandrasekhar!) They talk about her ST2 role, her French accent, Lemme's nude scene, Freaky Shreeky the Rockin' Moroccan, egg drop shots, Kevin's trip to IHOP, Lemme gets his milkshake, Entourage the TV Show vs. Entourage the Movie, Lemme vs. E, Cheetara, Australian Waze voice and much more. ENJOY THE CHEW!

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Will Sasso is in Super Troopers 2! He joins Kevin & Steve to talk about his role, being Canadian and to pop off one of his 10 Minute Podcasts! Also hear about Canadian accents, Dice Clay in Argentina, the Late Night 7-11 run, Schwarzenegger orders room service, naming the Provinces, Brian Cox in Braveheart, and a real live hotel noise complaint. All that and MORE!  Enjoy the Chew!

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Get an update on Week 1 of the Super Troopers 2 shoot. And Kevin & Steve are joined by old friend Dave Park (Blood Sucking Bastards). They cover frisking Willie Nelson, Is Mac a Masshole or a Maine-iac?, Indiegogo Backers visit the set, Gorky Park, Fernet-Branca, Dave's films Blood Sucking Bastards & Dark Amazon, Hasselhoff, The Scorpions, Paul Shortino, toilet decals AND MORE!  Enjoy the Chew!

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History is made on the Chew! This is first episode that includes ALL the members of Broken Lizard.  On the eve of shooting ST2, Kevin & Steve are joined by Erik, Jay, Paul & a surprise guest the one and only Officer Ursula Hanson, MARISA COUGHLAN! They talk about the upcoming shoot, rehearsal, fantasy football draft grades, weight loss, how many hairs in a mustache, ST1  jokes, does Farva have sex?, the Billy Goat Curse, respecting Jay, hostile call backs, ST3! AND MUCH MORE  ENJOY THE CHEW!


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Kevin & Steve continue to prep for shooting ST2 in Boston and discuss the stupid shit actors do to get camera ready. They cover the Boston accent, Fenway, teeth whitening, spray tans, hair extensions, wig shit, gettin' nude, dimpled asses, Superman exercises, Sting's tantric stink AND MORE! ENJOY THE CHEW!

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