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Jessie & Leonard Maltin join Kevin & Steve to talk about their Father/Daughter movie podcast Maltin on Movies. They also cover The Leonard Maltin Movie Guide, Leonard's review of Super Troopers, Father Daughter differences of opinion, facing down filmmakers who have received bad reviews, review-proof movies, Burt Reynolds, the Playboy Mansion, guilty pleasures, if Leonard has ever changed his mind on a movie, the future of movies, binge watching, the Maltins' favorite movie snacks AND MORE! ENJOY THE CHEW!

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Kevin & Steve record an update from their Raleigh NC trip. They also cover late night snacks, a Delta update, The Specialist, ranting, ass cracks, Michael Landon's & Kurt Russell's hair, Lithgow in Cliffhanger, little parking spots, button fly bullshit, munchies vs. panties, punishing your shorts, losing your wedding ring, Farva's girlfriend, making love to Meryl Streep, the Oui Channel, waking up with Minty Mouth & MORE! ENJOY THE CHEW!

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John Brenkus (ESPN Sport Science, The Brink of Midnight Podcast) joins Kevin & Steve. They cover the secrets of Sport Science, getting creamed by Brandon Jacobs, the life changing moment in every Brink of Midnight Podcast, Marshawn Lynch, the NYC Indy Film scene, who is the triathlete: Brenkus or Heffernan?, bringing America together, self induced injuries, Brenk vs. Brink AND MORE! ENJOY THE CHEW!

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Jay Larson (Twin Peaks, Best Bars in America) joins Kevin & Steve. They talk Twin Peaks, David Lynch, The Yankees, the Parking Garage Fiasco, stand up retirement, going to every bar in America, punch up writing, Kevin's insensitivity AND MORE. ENJOY THE CHEW!


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Kevin & Steve are on the road in Winnipeg. So they settle in for a good old fashioned BS sesh. They cover beer, playoff hockey, Steven King movies, a Super Troopers 2 Update, Rob Lowe's hair, ADR, how much airlines suck, Hurricane Heffernan, Verizon's limited unlimited plan, the new car counter-fart feature AND MORE! ENJOY THE CHEW!

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