Chewin' It with Kevin and Steve

The Holidays are coming to an end.  So Kevin & Steve recap the season with talk of "Happy Holidays," getting angry in Frontierland, Bed & Breakfasts, God's punishment, DeNiro, Clarence Clemons, an Irish Christmas, Potatoes!, Tree Haggling, Candy Cane Lane, Favorite Christmas Movies, Best Christmas Presents AND, on top of all that, Kevin & Steve SING their favorite CHRISTMAS SONGS!    Enjoy the Chew...

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Ready for some braggadocio? In response to last week's episode, Kevin & Steve run down the Things They are Great At!  They cover harmonizing Christmas tunes, Robotron, beating kids in board games, anal punctuation, Lemme as Robin Hood, sleeping standing up, cockroach hunters, clammy hands & stinky breath, making love and MORE.  Enjoy the Chew!

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Kevin & Steve dig deep into their psyches to discuss Things They Suck At. Along the way they hit topics like Being a Fancy Boy, Speaking Latin, Fixing Shit, Proper Airband Technique, The Eiger Sanction, Thick Fingers, Ugly Shoes, Lawn-dree and MUCH MORE.  ENJOY THE CHEW!


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Ever wonder what it takes to get a good song in your film?  Kevin & Steve explain the process of music licensing, music rights, music budgeting and in the process share plenty of stories re: writing for Coconut Pete, hanging with 38 Special, trying to get into the ST Sundance party, The Cry of the Cougar, AC/DC, why Poison was perfect for Landfill's eulogy... and MUCH MORE. ENJOY THE CHEW!

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After last week, they gotta follow up with things we LOVE.  Kevin and Steve talk Thanksgiving, cat noses, the Tuna, salty butter, low tar cigarettes, hot water and gettin' breezey. Hope you all do a lot of Thanksgiving CHEWIN'!

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A few months ago they did Part 1.  But they couldn't help themselves because there is just more shit they hate.  This time they rip into airline seating, auto-correct, shallow bowls, button fly vs. zipper, road rage, bad aim, hot rooms/cold rooms and MUCH MORE.  Enjoy the Chew!

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Is a movie underrated because the world thinks it sucks and you don't? Or maybe the world likes it but you think they should like it more?  Kevin & Steve tackle that and more as they reveal their Top Ten Most Underrated Movies!  The guys run through comedies, dramas and action films with plenty of disagreement and also chat about seal horns, a banged up mons pubis, dodgeball, Gavin Rossdale and Super Trooper 2 Stunts. Enjoy the Chew!

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One week of ST2 is in the can! Kevin & Steve recount the week, the future shooting plan, the reunion with Brian Cox, real cops on the set, New England weather, Farva 2.0, going High & Tight and of course they throw in some Halloween & Fantasy Football talk as a bonus. Enjoy the Chew!

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What happens during preproduction on a film? Super Troopers 2 starts this week, so Kevin & Steve sit down with old friend and producer Rich Perello to talk funny Preproduction stories.  Hear about finding locations in Mexico, crying on the ST set, the casting couch (or bed), Lemme's prima donna needs, the Johnny Chimpo tatt, preshoot dieting, buying dildos for Beerfest AND MORE!! Enjoy the Chew.


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You asked for it, we deliver. In honor of the Halloween Season, Kevin & Steve run down their list of All Time Scariest Movies. In addition to their favorites, they talk Halloween fun, "Jive Ass" Horror flicks, actually soiling one's pants from fear, Head in Hole costumes, Scary NON horror movies, slasher movie boobs, Fantasia vs. Phantasm, who put the pins in the Hell Raiser guy's face AND MORE.  Enjoy the Chew!!!

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Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens of the Stone Age, Failure, A Perfect Circle, Sweethead) joins Kevin & Steve. They talk guitars, trashing hotel rooms, QOTSA, the new Failure tour, meeting Lemme, playing in multiple bands, Angus Young, wearing crushed velvet suits, record labels and of course... STDs. Enjoy the Chew!!

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Finally after 128 episodes, Steve has won.  No lists, no parameters, no rules. Just a bullshit session. A pure chew.  Kevin &  Steve cover mustache growing for ST 2, fantasy football, the father son league, Kevin's kids intentionally smash his phone, Kate Capshaw, Lemme writes a book about colossal tits, Russell Simmons' dinner party, Johnny Weissmuller, Broken Lizard  silent auctions, Spanish Tarzan, Yogi Berra, The Pope, The Kingsmen, Lemme's wife regulatin' and MORE. Enjoy the Chew!
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What are the things Heffernan & Lemme have always wanted to do in a movie but haven't had the chance? You won't want to miss this list. It involves Explosions, Bullet Wounds, Werewolves, Tango & Cash, Computer Voice, Dramatic Voiceover, a Balloon Man, a Rock Star named Turk E. Platter & MORE.  Enjoy the Chew!

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James Grace (Super Troopers, Beerfest, Slammin' Salmon) is the Artistic & Managing Director of the ioWest Theater in LA and an old friend of Kevin & Steve.  They talk about behind the scenes at the ioWest, the origins of the theater, Del Close, Reading Glasses,  Super Troopers, AC/DC, The Brady Bunch,  The Cubs & Blackhawks, Ripping Jay Chandrasekhar AND Lemme gets an Improv Lesson.  Enjoy the Chew!

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Stand up comedian Randy Liedtke (Late Night w/ Seth Meyers, Last Comic Standing, Adam Devine's House Party) joins Kevin & Steve.  They chat about Randy's soaring comedy career including his new Comedy Central Special & Album, his podcast The BoneZone annnnnd... Beards, Asthma Camp, The Legend of TongueTooth, The Filtrum, Losing your voice, Big Dick's House of Tits, His Salami Room, & of course The iPhone Cookie Imbroglio. Enjoy the Chew!

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Kevin & Steve run down their all time movie crushes. Sure it's heavily populated by ladies of the 80's, but so what.  Hear about coming of age to the likes of Phoebe Cates, Kelly Lebrock, Sharon Stone and Kelly Preston.  And find out what Kevin appreciates about his crushes vs. what Steve lusts after in his. Enjoy the Chew!

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David Alvarez, Sound Mixer, Sound Designer, Sound Recordist for all the Broken Lizard films (Super Troopers, Club Dread, Beerfest etc.) & others (Godzilla, Dukes of Hazzard, Wish I Was Here) joins Kevin & Steve. They talk about their long history, meeting  on Puddle Cruiser, David's weird love of mints & hatred of farts, being tech adviser to Steve on Club Dread, almost getting fired from Dukes, recording sound on $1 million movies vs. $100 million, the tricks to mic'ing actors AND hear him read swarthy movie dialogue by swarthy actors in his swarthy accent. Enjoy the Chew!

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The legendary George Wendt ("Norm!") joins Kevin & Steve from the stage at IO West during the The 13th Annual Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival. They talk about George's start at Second City, Notre Dame, Grilling meat, Cheers, Fletch and George's new show Clipped on TBS. Enjoy the Chew!

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Clifton Collins Jr. (Capote, Traffic, Pacific Rim, Star Trek) joins Kevin & Steve.  They talk about his new book Prison Ramen,  auditions, acting the part of a killer in Capote, the upcoming Westworld, Terrence Malick, his grandfather Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez, directing music vids, Freeloaders and MORE!  Enjoy the Chew!

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The hilarious Will Sasso (MadTV, Three Stooges, 10 Minute Podcast) joins Kevin & Steve. They talk beef jerky, The Three Stooges, crowdfunding, auditioning, Horatio Sans, internet superstars, writing pilots, Vine, GoldiBox and the Three Bears, Funny Fat Guys, losing weight, The Rock, podcasting, MadTV, Actor pussy talk ... and plenty of impressions. Enjoy the Chew!

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Kevin & Steve aren't afraid to admit it. They've cried in movies. Which ones? Find out here.  Some classics, some you wouldn't expect, angry cries vs. sad cries, Heffernan family cries, and how Lemme uses a good film cry to pick up women. Enjoy the Chew!

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Mike Lawrence, stand up comedian (Conan, Seth Meyers) joins Kevin & Steve to talk working the stand up clubs, Comic Con, Batman vs. Superman, Marriage, Superheroes w/ rings, Superman as thug!, DC vs. Marvel, what it takes to be a good stand up and his Conan fashion makeover.  Enjoy the Chew!

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Alison Rosen (Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend, The Adam Carolla Show) joins Kevin & Steve as they chat about her uber successful podcast Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend, her rock n' roll past, success at an early age, living in NYC, WNBC, Red Eye, her Carolla audition, making babies and of course CUSTARD!  Enjoy the Chew!

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Joey Kern (Super Troopers, Cabin Fever)  joins Kevin & Steve. They talk about his new film Blood Sucking Bastards, his Super Troopers and Beerfest auditions, being a  "stoner" vs. a "college boy," Cabin Fever injuries, his directorial debut, blond douches, Joseph vs. Joey and MUCH MORE!  Enjoy the Chew!

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People have been asking Kevin & Steve for a new countdown: Their Funniest Movies Ever.  Kevin & Steve oblige.  Hear them set the very particular parameters, hear their lists, where they disagree, where YOU disagree and how being from Argentina can save a man's life.  Enjoy the Chew!!!

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It's summer movie time, so Kevin & Steve run through their top 10 favorite and top 10 LEAST favorite villains of all time. Some you would guess, some will surprise you, some they will never agree on...  and of course the greatest film villain of all time: The Farty Cadet. Enjoy the Chew!  

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Summer is here and Lemme is pissed! Because so is the heat. The heat makes Lemme cranky.  Wanna know how?  Kevin & Steve share stories about heatstroke, summer haircuts, salty caramel, watermelon, sweating, Game o' Thrones, Club Dread Mexico heat, heat vs. humidity, the drought and other things that make Lemme cranky.  Enjoy the Hot Chew!

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Ivan Askwith, the guru behind the Super Troopers 2 crowdfunding campaign, has also run some of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns ever (Veronica Mars, Reading Rainbow). Ivan chats w/ Kevin & Steve about crowdfunding, his background at MIT, Lucasfilms, thoughts on the Media & Fandom, Lost, The Star Wars Universe, Veronica Mars, Uwe Boll,  & Levar Burton's glasses.  And OF COURSE the Super Troopers 2 campaign. Enjoy the Chew!!!!

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You knew it was coming. After last week's ep, you'll want to hear the 10 Things Kevin & Steve HATE. Sayings, Foods, Cities, Objects both animate and inanimate... and fucking glitter. Plenty of ranting in this episode. Enjoy the Chew!!!!

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Kevin & Steve share some insight into their souls as they each reveal 10 things they absolutely love. Foods, Films, Beer, Fetishes and some surprises as they count down their lists. Enjoy the Chew!

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Playboy's Miss October 2012, Host of Playboy's Gamer Next Door, Pamela Horton! Kevin & Steve yuck it up with P-Horts about how you become a Playmate, what that centerfold shoot's like, growing up in Kansas, her love of Gaming, her favorite Vids, Trash Talking, Freddy Mercury & MUCH MORE!  Enjoy the Chew!!!

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Candace Smith (Beerfest, Slammin Salmon, Millionaire Matchmaker, Survivor)  joins Kevin & Steve and sparks FLY! They talk about  drinking & boobs in Beerfest, how a lawyer becomes a Beauty Queen, Michael Clarke Duncan, plenty o' Survivor gossip, plenty o' Bravo TV star twitter wars, Price is Right behind the scenes and a lot more!  Enjoy the Chew....

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Greg Grunberg (Heroes, Alias, Felicity, Lost, STAR WARS!) joins Kevin & Steve. They chat about Heroes, auditions, pilots, roles that Greg has beaten out Kevin for, Greg's all star band, LOST, & weird Hollywood jobs... all while Kevin & Steve desperately try to get Greg to reveal secrets about the new Star Wars flick.  Enjoy the Chew!

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The Crowdfunding Campaign is done!  Kevin & Steve talk about the next steps for getting the movie made & how you can still get cool shit thru the ST2 Campaign store. They also recount their trips to Cannabis Cup and the ensuing haze of confusion, Dodger Stadium and their thoughts on Orel Hershiser, the ST2 Telethon and their line up of guests and of course... there's the Squirrel. Enjoy the Chew!!!!

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Kevin & Steve share their favorite social media gaffes and shortcomings while also covering the Super Troopers 2 campaign, MySpace, J-Date, One Direction, Snoop, ARod, Lemme's "Burner" and much more. Enjoy the Chew!

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Brian Lynch is a Screenwriter (Minions, Hop, Puss n' Boots), Director (Big Helium Dog) and Comic Book Writer (Bill & Ted's, Monster Motors). Kevin & Steve first met Brian back in 1997 when they acted in a film he wrote and directed called Big Helium Dog. Now Brian is an A list screenwriter and the guys chat with him about the Big Helium Dog days, Minions, pitching, test screening, the Fast & The Furious, Puddle Cruiser, his new comics: Bill & Ted's and Monster Motors, Lemme being a difficult actor and MUCH MORE.  Enjoy the Chew!

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Michelle Beadle (ESPN SportsNation), host, commentator, reporter joins Kevin & Steve. They talk about her show, ESPN, the Spurs, female sports reporters, Living in CT, Sharknado 3, Wrestling, covering the Olympics and of course... poop jokes.  Enjoy the Chew!!!

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Yesterday was the launch of the SUPER TROOPERS 2 crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo! Kevin & Steve are joined by Jay Chandrasekhar & Erik Stolhanske in the Broken Lizard War Room on the day of the launch. As they watch the contribution tally, they talk about making ST2, the philosophy of crowdfunding, angry anti-crowdfunders, pissing sitting down, putting on the old uniforms, impersonating cops, growing mustaches  & much more!  ENJOY THE CHEW!!

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John Resig, Co-Founder & President of the massively popular, trendsetting website joins Kevin & Steve.  They talk about how the Chive came to life, the origins of the name, how you get eyeballs, KCCO, Chivers & Chivettes,  Bill Murray, True Blood, Austin TX and MUCH MORE. Get ready for an AWESOME CHEW!

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Happy 100th!  In celebration Steve pays up on a debt as Kevin unloads on his foot.  See the video on Kevin & Steve also reminisce about the first 100 eps and share stories about other bets won and lost. Enjoy the Chew!!!!

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Kyle Newacheck, Director, Writer, Actor, Musician, is one of the masterminds behind Workaholics on Comedy Central. Kyle joins Kevin and Steve to talk about Workaholics, Directing, Editing, Gripping, Future Projects, his band Fade Up Fade Out Bye Bye & MORE!! Enjoy the Chew!

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Neil Garguilo & Dave Park Return!!  Actors, Writers, Producers Neil & Dave join Kevin & Steve to talk pit stains, their show Mockpocalypse on AXS TV, the sale of their new film Bloodsucking Bastards, their comedy group Dr. God, pit stains.... and MORE. Enjoy the Chew.

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Kevin & Steve make their Oscar picks. Spoiler Alerts everywhere! Going deep into their 2014 movie musings peppered with stories of Lemme's special encounters with his elementary teacher, drum teacher and acting teacher... and what they REALLY think is the best movie of 2014.  Enjoy the Chew!

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In honor of Valentine's Day, Kevin & Steve answer the questions of the Lady Chew Crew!  They cover meeting and proposing to their wives, Gentleman Jack Daniels, Going Below Sea Level, Yellow Roses, The Arrow, RomComs, Nun Jokes and of course The Super Bowl!  Enjoy the Chew!!

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Kevin & Steve share wedding stories i.e. the one that inspired Super Troopers, Steve's pants accident, Jay's "best man," the Wedding Singer, eloping and the crack smoking wedding party. Enjoy the Chew!!!

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Kevin & Steve answer your questions about their pilot, Super Troopers 2, Lime Tostitos, Dieting, Their "first times," The Superbowl, Kill Marry Fuck, Swayze, Korean Deli Dogpiles and much MORE. Thanks for the awesome questions Chew Crew!  Enjoy the Chew!

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It's Cold & Flu Season so Kevin & Steve reminisce about past filmset illnesses: Food Poisoning with Jon Bon Jovi, The Beerfest Rat Disease,  The Mo' Nique Cure, Brian Cox & the Diabetic Soap, Montezuma's Revenge & much much more!  Enjoy the Chew!!

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Happy New Year Chew Crew!  Kevin & Steve shoot the shit about their Christmas vacations, New Year's Eves, Agent Carter, mint, Pitbull, the Yankee Swap, Fantasy Football and they share their New Years Resolutions!  Enjoy the Chew!

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