Chewin' It with Kevin and Steve

Marc Evan Jackson (22 Jump Street, Thrilling Adventure Hour, Slammin' Salmon!) Kevin & Steve are joined by old friend Marc Evan Jackson. They talk 22 Jump Street, behind the scenes of Thrilling Adventure Hour, Last Comic Standing, auditions, Lizard Movies, softball uniforms, improv, Batman's dick & MORE!  Enjoy the chew!

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Michael Weaver (Super Troopers, Club Dread, The Joe Schmo Show, Greatest Game Ever Played) joins Kevin & Steve. They talk about Weaver's Super Troopers audition, partying with the local cops, collapsed lungs, red heads, Joe Schmo, FIST PUMPS & MORE!  Enjoy the Chew!

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Kevin, Steve & the other Lizard fellas have shared many communal living places. Locations that have inspired a lot of the laughs in their movies. Hear stories about the times they've lived under one roof that have inspired things like the Meow Game, Freaky Reaky, Lemme the stalker, Kevin farting in his sleep, Lemme's bird fetish AND MORE! Enjoy the Chew!

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Lemme spent last night in the E.R. (everyone is okay!), which of course inspired a slew of E.R. stories:  From Lemme getting wounded dancing on bars to Kevin getting "STD shots" to God getting some payback when Lemme stole porn.  All this & MORE.  Enjoy the Chew!

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Parties are good in general, but when you wrap a film, it's always a special time to celebrate... and then some. Kevin & Steve share plenty of wrap party stories from a real life Beerfest chug off, to bear hugs with Sam Elliott, to many other boozy moments. Enjoy the Chew!!

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