Chewin' It with Kevin and Steve
Finally after 128 episodes, Steve has won.  No lists, no parameters, no rules. Just a bullshit session. A pure chew.  Kevin &  Steve cover mustache growing for ST 2, fantasy football, the father son league, Kevin's kids intentionally smash his phone, Kate Capshaw, Lemme writes a book about colossal tits, Russell Simmons' dinner party, Johnny Weissmuller, Broken Lizard  silent auctions, Spanish Tarzan, Yogi Berra, The Pope, The Kingsmen, Lemme's wife regulatin' and MORE. Enjoy the Chew!
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What are the things Heffernan & Lemme have always wanted to do in a movie but haven't had the chance? You won't want to miss this list. It involves Explosions, Bullet Wounds, Werewolves, Tango & Cash, Computer Voice, Dramatic Voiceover, a Balloon Man, a Rock Star named Turk E. Platter & MORE.  Enjoy the Chew!

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James Grace (Super Troopers, Beerfest, Slammin' Salmon) is the Artistic & Managing Director of the ioWest Theater in LA and an old friend of Kevin & Steve.  They talk about behind the scenes at the ioWest, the origins of the theater, Del Close, Reading Glasses,  Super Troopers, AC/DC, The Brady Bunch,  The Cubs & Blackhawks, Ripping Jay Chandrasekhar AND Lemme gets an Improv Lesson.  Enjoy the Chew!

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Stand up comedian Randy Liedtke (Late Night w/ Seth Meyers, Last Comic Standing, Adam Devine's House Party) joins Kevin & Steve.  They chat about Randy's soaring comedy career including his new Comedy Central Special & Album, his podcast The BoneZone annnnnd... Beards, Asthma Camp, The Legend of TongueTooth, The Filtrum, Losing your voice, Big Dick's House of Tits, His Salami Room, & of course The iPhone Cookie Imbroglio. Enjoy the Chew!

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Kevin & Steve run down their all time movie crushes. Sure it's heavily populated by ladies of the 80's, but so what.  Hear about coming of age to the likes of Phoebe Cates, Kelly Lebrock, Sharon Stone and Kelly Preston.  And find out what Kevin appreciates about his crushes vs. what Steve lusts after in his. Enjoy the Chew!

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