Chewin' It with Kevin and Steve

It's that time again.  Kevin & Steve go head to head with their Oscar picks. Along the way they throw out TONS OF SPOILER ALERTS (BEWARE!) and talk popcorn vs. nachos, Tom Hardy in Kray Kray, buzz whores, Lemme's Immigrant Button, Farva & Steve Jobs, The Martian's cutting edge disco music, which Movie made Lemme cry, Alister Ballot AND We dare you to drink every time Kevin or Steve uses the word "phenomenal."  Enjoy the Chew!!

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Pam Horton (Gamer Next Door, Playboy's Miss October 2012) joins Kevin & Steve again. They talk Playboy's new no nude mag, Gamer Next Store, Vegans, Grand Theft Auto, Super Troopers 2!, Kevin's new web series 'Game Boy,' PHort's new band: Phort Knox, Star Wars & MORE!!! ENJOY THE CHEW!!

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Thanks for the Questions Chew Crew!  We fired through as many as we could and cover all kinds of things like our most embarrassing movie moments, the biggest stoner in Broken Lizard, Puppy Monkey Baby, more hate for unsalted butter, squeezee ketchup, a Chewbacca comedy group, Lemme making love to Andre the Giant, Heffernan's famous Oprah imitation and MUCH MORE.  ENJOY THE CHEW!

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Tom McArdle (Spotlight, Win Win, The Visitor, The Station Agent) is up for an Academy Award for Best Editing of the film Spotlight. Tom joins Kevin & Steve as they talk Spotlight, how someone becomes an editor, what goes into the editing of a feature film, McArdle's shout out in Super Troopers, where an editor gets his award show tux, working w/ writer-director Tom McCarthy, farting policy in the edit room, giving Heff/Lemme a shout out at the Oscars and more! ENJOY THE CHEW!

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