Chewin' It with Kevin and Steve

Kevin & Steve come to you from NYC for the end of their tour. They cover NYC slices, a Tacoma FD update, Kenny G, more hernia news, the Outback Steakhouse, Celebs at the Upfronts, the Impractical Jokers, is Lemme taller than Harry Potter?, Dancing with Ann Curry, Diplo vs. Dua Lipa, Lemme's natty suit, the Game of Thrones finale and the Trolls, the triumphant return to Tacoma, Broken Lizard in Boulder and MORE! ENJOY THE CHEW!

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Kevin & Steve come to you from Minneapolis on Mother’s Day! There’s plenty of Mom reminiscing as they cover cream cheese & jelly sandwiches, tuna casserole, getting fat on the road, Mother’s Day vs. Father’s Day, defending the honor of Kevin’s Mom in Boston, the purple ear muffs, the creativity of the phrase “colossal boobs,” pissing in the litter box, smoking weed with Mom AND MORE. ENJOY THE CHEW!
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Kevin & Steve are back on the road doing Stand Up and talking Tacoma FD. They cover Tacoma FD Updates, Live Tour News, Iowa Beef, Mother Huggers, Firefighters at the Live Shows, a Lemme Hernia Update, Kevin's Instagram Ignorance, the Network Upfronts, Lemme's "Motor Dick" and MORE. ENJOY THE CHEW!

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We're back! It's been a while, but with Tacoma FD now on the air, we can get back to the real pressing need... Chewin' it.  Kevin and Steve record on the road from Phoenix. They cover their upcoming LIVE TOUR, a Tacoma FD update, She Wolf Strawberry Beer, Sawlty Nuts, why Firefighters like to lift Kevin up, a mustache update, a detailed account of Lemme's hernia surgery, Thanos' Balls AND MORE. ENJOY THE CHEW!

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Kevin & Steve are joined by their old friend Blues Traveler frontman John Popper. They talk about Blues Traveler's new album "HURRY UP & HANG AROUND" & the band's upcoming tour. They also cover salvia, if they like pina coladas, how the band writes, Mick Jagger on the harmonica, band fistfights, Popper not talking into his mic! and of course a harmonica lesson from the virtuoso himself! ENJOY THE CHEW!

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